Monthly Archives: August 2014

Aug 25

Fall River, Mass., Close to Waste Reduction and Financial Targets in Just Second Week of Pay-as-You-Throw

The program has already cut the city’s solid waste by 41% and saved it more than $14,000 per week.

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Aug 21

Charlotte to Study “Pay as You Throw” Idea for Garbage

The Charlotte Observer reports that the largest city in North Carolina is considering pay-as-you-throw.

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Aug 18

Sandwich Keeps Saving With Pay-as-You-Throw

The Cape Cod town of Sandwich, Mass., releases figures showing that it has reduced solid waste by 48%, doubled its recycling rate, and saved $426,000 since it began pay-as-you-throw three years ago.

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Aug 14

Ashland Mass. Reports $1M in Savings From Recycling Efforts

At the eight-year anniversary of its pay-as-you-throw program, Ashland, Mass., has cut solid waste by 37% and saved almost $1 million.

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Aug 12

With Three Years of Pay-as-You-Throw, Sandwich, Mass., Cuts Trash in Half and Saves Almost a Half Million Dollars

The town has reduced its solid waste by 48%, almost doubled its recycling rate, and saved $425,911.

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Aug 6

Recycling Booming in Vernon, Vt.

The town of Vernon, Vt., reports that solid waste volume has dropped by 59% since its new pay-as-you-throw program began a month ago.

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Aug 6

Brewster Recycling Program Bags Savings, Revenue

Nine months in to pay-as-you-throw, the town of Brewster, Mass., reports that its new program has cut solid waste by 49% and boosted recycling by 28%.

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Aug 4

Fall River, Mass., Kicks Off New Pay-as-You-Throw Program

The new program will serve 33,000 households in the city of 89,000.

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Aug 3

Concord N.H. Marks Five Successful Years of Pay-as-You-Throw

At the fifth anniversary of its pay-as-you-throw program, the city of Concord, New Hampshire releases figures showing that trash is down 43% and the recycling rate has climbed from 16% to 35%.

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