Monthly Archives: September 2014

Sep 23
Sep 9

Waterville, Maine, First Pay-as-You-Throw Day “Remarkable”

Trash tonnage dropped dramatically on the program’s first day.

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Sep 8

Waterville, Maine, Kicks Off New Pay-as-You-Throw Program

Program serves 7,500 households in the city of 16,000 and is expected to have $500,000 in annual financial impact.

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Sep 5

Fall River, Mass., Pay-as-You-Throw Program Meeting Waste Disposal Targets in First Month of Operation

The city is on pace to meet its Fiscal Year 2015 waste disposal target of 17,100 tons.

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Sep 2

Carton Council Report Examines Carton Recycling Policies, Best Practices

In a new study, the Carton Council of America has named pay-as-you-throw as one of the most powerful tools available for increasing recycling.

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