Contact Information

Ian Noble
Manager, Bigbelly Supplies
8540 Colonnade Center Drive, Suite 210
Raleigh, NC 27615
800 866 3954

WasteZero for Bigbelly

WasteZero is the Only Official Approved Provider of Bags
for Bigbelly Waste and Recycling Stations.


Bigbelly Official Trash and Recycling Bags Specifications

Bag DescriptionOfficial Compactor Trash BagOfficial Non Compactor BagsOfficial Recycling Compactor Bags
Ordering Unit50 bags per case100 bags per case50 bags per case
Size (+/- .375)46” (W) x 47” (L)42.5” (W) x 55” (L)46” (W) x 47” (L)
Gauge (+/- 7%)2.50 mil1.25 mil2.50 mil
Type 3-ply, co-extruded3-ply, co-extruded3-ply, co-extruded
CompositionIncludes recycled contentIncludes recycled contentIncludes recycled content
ClosureFlat topFlat topFlat top
ColorBlack with white printClear with black printClear with black print

Bag Pricing

  • Compactor Trash bags: $33.50 per case of 50
  • Non-Compactor bags: $49.00 per case of 100
  • Recycle Compactor bags: $42.00 per case of 50
    (Plus shipping and handling)
  • For large-volume orders (more than 60 cases  of any bag type at a time), please call 800-866-3954
  • To download and pricing Bigbelly bag information,  click here

Types of Bags Available

WasteZero can meet a wide range of your specialty bag needs including,

  • Pay-As-You-Throw Program Bags
  • Recycling Bags
  • ClearStream® Waste and Recycling Bags