WasteZero In The News
Sep 9

Vernon, Vt., Selectboard Says Pay-as-You-Throw System Working Well

Trash is down 59% after one year; local official calls the program “a resounding success” that “exceeded all of our expectations.”

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Sep 2

Hanson, Mass., Doubles Recycling Rate With Pay-as-You-Throw Trash Policy

The Boston Globe reports that solid waste decreased by 64% in the first year of the program.

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Sep 1

Woolwich, Maine, Kicks Off New Pay-as-You-Throw Program

Program will serve town of 3,000 with curbside solid waste and recycling collection.

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Sep 1

Acton, Mass., Kicks Off New Pay-as-You-Throw Program

Program will serve town of 22,000.

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Aug 21

Sandwich, Mass., Pay-as-You-Throw Program Sees Fourth Successful Year

The town releases figures showing it has cut solid waste by 49%.

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Aug 18

Sandwich, Mass., Pay-as-You-Throw Effort Deemed Success

The Cape Cod Times reports on the benefits of pay-as-you-throw to Sandwich, Mass., after four years. The Board of Selectmen Chair says, “I’m surprised, frankly, other communities haven’t done what we’ve done.”

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Aug 11
Aug 5
Jul 27

Hanson, Mass., Cuts Trash by 64% and Saves $51,000 in First Year of Pay-as-You-Throw

Town Administrator says, “We dramatically improved recycling, reduced solid waste, and saved taxpayers a considerable amount of money.”

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Jul 15

Waste Not, Want Not

W&M, the alumni magazine of William & Mary College, profiles WasteZero President Mark Dancy and Board Chairman John Campbell, who began their lifelong friendship in business school there and are now working together to cut trash in half across America.

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