Curbside Recycling

The Best Way to Collect Curbside Recycling

Offering curbside recycling to residents is key to increasing recycling and reducing waste.

Together, bag-based PAYT and curbside recycling make an extremely powerful combination. WasteZero has worked with every method of collecting recycling at the curb, including carts, bins, and bags.

If your community is considering implementing or enhancing a curbside recycling program, we can help you determine the most convenient, cost-effective, and popular way.  In many cases (though not in all cases), a bag-based solution will be the optimum one for a community.

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We can help you weigh your options, complete the cost / benefit analysis, and even pilot innovative approaches.

In the event that a bag-based solution is ideal for your community, we can handle bag production, inventory management, retail store distribution, and other operational tasks.

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