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Implementing Pay-As-You-Throw

All of the hard work that communities put in to selecting a pay-as-you-throw program and planning for it could go to waste if they don’t also do what it takes when the time comes for implementation. There are some key steps they must take just before the program launches, right as it’s launching, and immediately…

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The Many Faces of Pay-As-You-Throw

When run correctly, pay-as-you-throw programs can reduce solid waste volume by 50% or more. Everybody knows that this can save towns and cities money, help the environment, and preserve limited municipal resources. However, there are many different ways to do PAYT. Some types of programs work well, and others don’t. Before embarking on a new…

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Pay-As-You-Throw Overview in American Recycler

Are you looking for a good overview of pay-as-you-throw? Check out this article in American Recycler newspaper. When their editors needed to talk to an expert on PAYT, they turned to our Vice President of Government Affairs, Stephen Lisauskas. “The Latest on Pay-As-You-Throw“

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