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“Inevitably, Landfills Always Fail”

The third segment of the solid waste episode of Chronicle, the Boston TV news magazine, opens with some pretty grim statistics about the state of waste disposal in Massachusetts. As WasteZero’s Stephen Lisauskas explains, landfill space is quickly dwindling in Massachusetts: while there were more than 300 landfills operating in the 1980s, there are only 7 today….

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The Power of a Banana Peel

If you easily could decrease the amount of trash you create by almost 20% and dramatically reduce the amount of dangerous greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, would you do it? The second segment of the Boston TV news program that focused on trash looks at how the growing trend of food scrap diversion holds…

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“A Perfect Storm–of Garbage”

We’ve been saying for a while that there’s a trash crisis in the U.S., with excess garbage putting the environment at risk and draining municipal coffers. It’s why we’re so committed to cutting waste and increasing recycling. And now a television news program out of Boston has come to the same conclusion. The program, Chronicle, dedicated all of last…

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Implementing Pay-As-You-Throw

All of the hard work that communities put in to selecting a pay-as-you-throw program and planning for it could go to waste if they don’t also do what it takes when the time comes for implementation. There are some key steps they must take just before the program launches, right as it’s launching, and immediately…

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Pay-As-You-Throw Overview in American Recycler

Are you looking for a good overview of pay-as-you-throw? Check out this article in American Recycler newspaper. When their editors needed to talk to an expert on PAYT, they turned to our Vice President of Government Affairs, Stephen Lisauskas. “The Latest on Pay-As-You-Throw“

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